Hiring Halls & Rooms

First things first - Some advice:

                                                     Know what you want & what we have to offer.

We have:


        We do not have:

       It is always advisable to visit the building before making a booking so that you know exactly what you are booking and what you are not booking. Bookings are not accepted over the phone or by e-mail unless you are a regular user.

Visiting will also allow us to pass on general information about fire exits and general do's and don'ts.


For the layout of the Community Centre rooms go here:

Secondly: Know what you are paying for.

We hire daily on a "fixed" three hour session scheme. All prices are for the total three hours regardless of whether the rooms are wanted for less than that time.
The fixed sessions are:
Morning:     10am to 1pm                            Afternoon:    1pm to 4pm                Evening:      7pm to 10pm
Cleaning and maintenance are done between the afternoon and evening sessions so hirings inside these times are not usually allowed. One exception would be when we're used as a Polling Station.

Thirdly: know who you are to us.

We operate a three tier pricing system depending upon what the room will be hired for. An explanation of the 3 tiers follows:

If you are unsure which tier you belong in:


Please note: we do not take bookings directly over the phone or from this website. This is to stop hirers from assuming they have made a booking before we can check that the rooms they wish to hire are actually available for the time/ date that they wish to hire it for.

You can e-mail us a query on:


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