"Once upon a time there was a village in need of hirable rooms.
Once upon a time there was this empty field.
Once upon a time an idea was formed.
But twice upon a time the dream was built".
The H&D Community Association having been offered some unused wasteland, asked the nice people at
Esso if they could use the 'Lesserjac' prefabricated / modular building that Esso no longer required.
The nice people said "yes" and "we'll transport it to the promised land".
The H.D.C.A suggested that Hythe would be a more suitable location.
So in 1983, the building arrived in the field that sat between Hythe School and the Jones Lane Car Park. The neighbouring fields would soon be developed into the Ewart Court Housing Estate and the Homeborough House site.

This is what it looked like just prior to it's opening... And what it looked like when it opened in  June 1984.

In the time between the two photos some extra things were added:

 Fire doors, a disabled ramp, some red paint, a name plaque and it's own car park for twenty cars.


From the very start it received no public funding what-so-ever which allowed the H.D.C.A to be independent and non-political - A state which continues to this day. The Community Centre attracted local groups who needed a place to meet. As Hythe grew, the Community's need for local aminity's also grew and so the Community Centre gained a Registrar's office, a Community Car service, a Career's Advice Drop- in Service, a W.I market, a small fleet of hirable mini-buses and quite a few small groups divided between "Commercial" (businesses), "Membership" (local groups) and "Associated" (the grey area inbetween).

This is it's layout between 1984 and 2003

    Over the next two decades plans for a purpose built building began to be drawn up and after full consultation with all existing (and some potential) users, a replacement Community Centre layout started to take shape that would hopefully fulfill the requirements of a community centre for many years to come.

In 2002 and with part funding from the National Lottery we got what we'd worked hard for.

Well almost.

The 'part funding' provided by the National Lottery was reduced mid design and the promise that if a two phase plan was submitted instead of the single "build all at the same time" plan, that the second phase would receive funding in the following year.

The two phase plan was therefore submitted and building for the first phase begun.
The funding for "Phase 2" however has never been granted.
This has left the Community Centre without it's second custom built hall but with it's original "Wilson" hall stuck to the side.

            This is what the rebuilt Community Centre looked like a month before it was finished and what it looked like on the official opening.

The current building was opened on the 8th of February 2003 and surprised people by having two floors!


And it's layout including Hall 1 and 1st floor.

Over the years groups have come and groups have gone. The W.I market dissolved at the turn of the Millennium, the Registrar's service was stopped due to Hampshire County Council cuts in 2009, careers advice is catered for by several organisations and our fleet of minibuses were finally sold off in 2019. In 2020 we, like every other community centre in England, closed due to Covid 19 pandemic except for medical and educational hirings.


This is what it looked like in 2019. The old hall (called Hall 1) is just visible on the right.


A list of some of our users can be found here:

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